As a designer, Tony Shayne has always lived by the motto, “serve the work”. With each bit of research, equipment selection, and design choice, Tony has sought to do what is essential to making the best quality work for his collaborators and the audience. A “good design” for him is good research, respectful collaboration with others, clean and concise paperwork, a minimalist design approach, and to make striking and effective visuals choices.

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Tony is also the Founder & Lead Consultant of Theory & Practice Productions (T&P), a company formed on the beliefs that all productions, big and small, need the support of dedicated artisans and administrators to help execute their vision to the highest quality. T&P focuses on making the arduous process of making live art a bit easier for its artists, and the most enjoyable experience for its audience. 

T&P services specialize in production management and design of any production that has big dreams, limited budgets, crunched timelines and passionate people. T&P will help evaluate your needs, organize your budget and staff, set goals along your timeline, and execute your production on time and at the highest value for your audience.